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Tamagotchi Party On!
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Platform Wii
Genre Entertainment
Publisher Namco Bandai
Developer Namco Bandai
Release Date 5/29/2007
Series Tamagotchi
Multiplayer Support Internet
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Tamagotchi: Party On! puts a unique twist on the 3D board-game genre, as you and as many as three rivals are running for president of Tamagotchi Planet. The planet is essentially your playing board. Winning a minigame ups either your money or popularity. Spend your winnings on customizing campaign headquarters or items. You can also bet against your rivals in slot games. Incredibly cute and charming, Tamagotchi: Party On! is virtually immune to all criticism from cranky video-game scribes. It's sure to appeal to younger players and anyone with a craving for minigame action. The clever plotline -- running for office -- helps make up for the limited number of minigames.
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Index 64
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Product Details
Format DVD
UPC 722674800037
Audience Rating Everyone
Language English
Manufacturer ID 80003
Nr of Disks 1

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