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Super Paper Mario
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Platform Wii
Genre Platformer
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Intelligent Systems
Release Date 4/9/2007
Series Super Paper Mario
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Mario and Luigi are enjoying a lazy afternoon at their house when they hear the terrible news: Princess Peach has been kidnapped! The two brothers head straight for Bowser's castle to get her back, but Bowser is just as surprised about Peach's kidnapping as they are. At that moment, a strange top-hatted villain warps in and abducts everyone but Mario. The mysterious villain then forces Peach and Bowser to get married, creating a rift of dark energy that threatens to tear the universe apart! Only Mario can save the day...but he can't do it alone. What at first glance appears to be your classic 2-D adventure ripped straight from the stylized pages of the Paper Mario universe, soon turns into an hysterical 3-D action game possible only on Wii!
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Index 61
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Original Yes
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Product Details
Format DVD
UPC 045496900151
Audience Rating Everyone
Language English
Manufacturer ID RVL P R8PE
Nr of Disks 1

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