I wrote this poem in 9th grade, I know some big words
for a 9th grader, LOL!  But hey I got an A for it!

Someone You Love

Ever since the day we met
You have removed from my heart, great pain and hurt
There is no substitution for you.
Even though it doesn't seem true

I try to bring joy to your life
For your world if filled with great strife
I want to love you very much.
So I can again, feel your healing touch.

You have guided me though the pain of the world.
And all the sorrow in my life you have unfurled.
Your warm hand has aided me.
To my success you have been the key.

This is a poem my cousin Jenny's friend wrote but I can't recall his name anymore.  Jenny and I adopted it to fit for our other cousin's, Amanda's funeral. (With his consent first of course.)  
I hope this has as much affect on you as it does on me.

Sleepless Night

This is a sleepless night,
     spent thinking of you
The good times we had,
     the things we've been through
If it all happened again,
     there'd be nothing to change
It was so close to perfect,
     the time spent with you
We wish you were here,
     We wish you could stay
You taught us to love,
     and you taught us to pray
You helped us through hard times,
     and we hope we helped you too
We'll remember the tears,

     that were shed on this day                    Amanda Thiel & Donny - 5 days before she was killed
Thank you for memories,
     they were the best gift of all
There is so much,
     that we feel we must say
So many feelings,
     that we need to convey
But so soon have you left,
     oh, why is it true?
With all of the hours,
     we've spent thinking of you
You're such a strong person,
     we're so inspired by you
We'll remember you always,
     and please remember us too
We wish for you happiness,
     when we're far apart
Our prayers will be with you,
     and we know you'll pray too
When we look towards the sky,
     and the bright starlight comes through
We're thinking of you.

    3 Musketeers 4ever

This poem resembles time well spent at work writting Aaron a poem after he gave me my ring (not the expensive one as he put it.)
I love you hon!


My Promise

This is my promise to the:
I will always love thee
I will never leave thee
I will cherish every
Moment with thee
I will do my best to keep
Thee happy
You will always be in my
Heart and soul forever and ever
They say a diamond is forever and so is my love for thee,
Always shining and everlasting.


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