About Me


Hi, you have come to the page where you find out all about me or as much as I want to tell ya for that matter.Sit back and relax while this could get interesting.

Here are some basics: I am 19 years old, I have 2 older brothers who act like fathers so don't mess with me. :)
I have brown hair with highlights, hazel eyes that change color, and yes they do actually change color without contacts or anything like that.  I am also 5'1'' and have 7 earrings.

Studies: (during the week that is )
I'm currently a second year student at MSUM (Minnesota State University Moorhead for those who didn't know) In my opinion, it's an alright school with lots of funky things and weird generals that must be completed in order to graduate...they just want more money.  They do have some really cool professors though, that's the only reason why I have stayed at the school this far.  If one school wasn't enough...as of this year I am enrolled at NDSU as well.  It should be interesting so GO DRAGONS! and GO BISON


Status: Taken :)

I have the love of my life, Aaron Jensen.  He is the best guy ever!  He treats me like a princess and even deals with my stupidity sometimes.  Hey, he even let me do most of my own website...imagine that!!  Hard to believe huh?

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