This page gives a little description about my computer.


The first computer that I had was a 286, black and white monitor in 1986 and then in 1993 my dad bought me a Packard Bell 486 SX 25 MHz, 4MB of Ram, 256 colors, Win3.1, 2x CD-ROM, TV-Turner etc. That was good until about 1995 until I upgraded just about everything but the motherboard.


My Current PC

It's constructed of:

  • Authentic AMD K6-2 400 MHz w/ 3DNOW!

  • Asus P5-A Motherboard...1 AGP, 5 PCI, 2 ISA, 2 IDE's. 

  • 512K L2 Pipeline Burst Cache

  • 128 MB's of PC100 SDRam

  • A 7.5 Gig Maxtor 7200 RPM Hard-drive and a 4.3 Gig Maxtor Hard-drive

  • To Back everything up, I have a Sony StoreStation 2.0 Gig Ditto

  • 48x Memorex CD-ROM Drive

  • Sound Blaster Live! Value, 256 (1024) voice sound card with a Mic, 2 powerful amplified speakers, a KOSS SW-1 Subwoofer, and hocked up to a surround-sound system

  • Diamond Viper V550 w/ 32 MB of SDRam w/ TV-out

  • Digital CTX 17-inch Monitor running at 1024 by 768

  • A 56K PCTel Modem

  • A Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Gamepad, a Gravis Pad, and a FX2000 Joystick

  • In a Full ATX case powered by 250 Watts power supply

  • With PS/1, PS/2, Serial and Parallel Ports with a 3.5 drive

  • Networked with our downstairs computer on a CAT 5 100 MB's network

  • With lots of Utilities, Programs, Multimedia, and Games