Other Pics

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The largest single span arch bridge in the world signifies engineering excellence.

The sweeping steel curve is 503 metres long, 134 metres high and 49 metres wide.
Flanked by four towering concrete and granite pylons, it is the crucial centre piece of Sydney's transport network.  The weight of the steelwork alone totals 52,800 tonnes and includes an amazing six million rivets.

Offically opened on Saturday 19th March 1932 by the Premier of the state of New South Wales, Jack Lang, the bridge has become an enduring international symbol of Sydney.

All of us having a great time on BridgeClimb

We had a great time up on BridgeClimb!  Learned a lot of interesting facts about Aussie as well.

Our group on BridgeClimb

More of us up there on the Sydney Bridge.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! BTW, I couldn't speak after river rafting. =)

One of the funniest events we did down there, the RIVER RAFTING!  Wooooo!  I've been rafting a few times before, but nothing like this!

Nice picture of everyone

And here is a pic of my mom with her group of people that went on the balloon trip.