Day 9

Rode on a bus that took us to the pier.  Got on the boat and enjoyed the cool breeze from the ocean on our way out to the Great Barrier Reefs.  Snorkled around the island for a while, got back on the boat for lunch.  Went out snorkling again.  Returned, then headed back to Cairns.  Chilled then went out for a Italian dinner.  Our film in the underwater camera was ruined.  Underwater pics. =(

Leaving Cairns

This is a picture of us heading out to the Great Barrier Reef.  It was about a 2 hour ride out to the Reefs.

"I think he wants to race"

Well, we found out that there was more than one person that wanted to cruise around today.

A pic of the ocean.

Yah Yah

G' Day coming from aboard the boat.  We both are just walking around the boat, checkin' out the views and keeping ourselfs busy till we get there & waiting for lunch.


Alright, now we are at the Reef.  A shot of the island.  We saw a lot of neat fish there, awesome & funky coral etc.

More of the reef

Cool Colors

Last pic of the island

Birds, fish & ocean

Overlooking the side of the boat, you can see fish swimming in the we decided to feed them and stuff.

Another boat

Here is a boat that ya'll can practice your scuba diving before they take you to a deep spot have see some very exotic life forms at the bottom of the ocean.

Overlooking part of the reef

Again, us taking a picture from the boat...while overlooking the Reef.


What a great pic or what!  Don't Ask!


Geez, there are some good pics, then there are some bad pics.  Go figure where this picture belongs!

"There's the island, Doug"

Mother in her wet suit pointing in the direction of the island. Wow, and she didn't even have to stop and ask for directions.

Were ready.

Me & Blake in our wet suits ready to go snorkling.

Whats up?

Nothing more than me chilling.

Our Family

Nothing much more than our family potrait on the ship.  Say Cheese! =)

Now this guy wants to race

Now this guy wants to race

What goes out to sea, surely comes back

Us going back into the harbour.

Closer to the pier

Us now even closer to getting back to the pier.