Day 8

Enjoyed breakfast in bed, then went down to the lobby to catch our bus for the train station.  Arrived there, toured the station then boarded shortly afterwards.  Stopped for a bit to eat, got out and walked around.  One highlight was that we went to a birdpark.  Next was to take a skyrail to this Aborignal place for lunch.  Watched them preform some of there neat heritage from there culture.

About to get rolling

We got picked up from our hotel and dropped off at a well known train station.  Toured that then climbed onboard the train for a tour of Cairns.

Train Adventure

Our train as we are taking a corner.  I bet you would have never guessed that huh?


Overlooking some meadows and fields from the train.  Some of it was really neat.  Cause its not as populated as the city and just had a authentic style to it.

...even more

More Aussie beyond the window.


More & more stuff...

Looks like a postcard

A cool picture of the train on the bridge after about 40 minutes into our journey.

Winding Train

A ways down the rail, we got a chance to get out and take a few pictures of the surroundings. Looking left from this would be a waterfall.

A river below all that

Trees, a river, and us in a train over a bridge.


Taken from the skyrail, here is one set of waterfalls

Another Waterfall

What a beauty!  Waterfalls from the train ride.

Yet another

Slow Flow

Cool one

Cool Scenery with a waterfall

Interesting type.



Bud Wei Ser

After we finished with the train ride, we took a walk and happened to stumble upon a really nice, exotic birdpark.  Here we saw lots of interesting birds.  What we have here are 3 birds perched on there branch.


I wouldn't mind having a bird that looks like that.  I don't know the kinds of these birds, but I am willing to bet the person there does!

Speaking words of wisdom

Two birds talking to us.  These kind of Macaws are known to be loud as well as pretty!

Skittles now paints birds

These two birds are colored so cool!  I guess they don't want us to feed them.

Reminds me our pet bird named Snicker

These birds are similar to what we used to have for a bird at home. Cockatiels rule, they're friendly, fun and can be able to talk or whistle.

"Ain't going anywhere for a while?"

Gosh I remember seeing this bird in the middle of a swamp here in the birdpark.  It looks funny because it hasn't moved in a day it seems.

Male & Female

Two birds that my mom is trying to feed.  And it didn't go that well either!

Cute bird huh?

It looks like someone got ahold of a bird.  Some of the birds there seemed to like humans, not to bad for being in the wild.

Feed Me

Blakes turn for getting to hold a bird.  That bird seemed to be the most friendly one there!  It liked all 3 of us, or whoever had food.

"I ain't hungry kid"

It's Blakes turn to try and feed them birds! :)

What a cutie :)

I just sat down, and I felt something land on my shoulder.  Looked over and a bird was resting on me!  Tight!

She's a hungry fella

What does it look like but me sharing.

Checking me out

Another one but this time the bird is checking me out.  Seeing if I got any food.

Need some tunes up in here

All of us on the skyrail ride.  I am just enjoying the view and seeing what there is to see out there.

Admiring the view

In a distance, you can see the end and next do that is the Aborignal place were we had lunch and saw some interesting shows.

Bummer, it's raining

It was raining off and on the first few days we were up Sydney & Cairns.  Then it was perfect for all the major events we did.

...still raining

Yah, more of the scenery and more of the rain.


After lunch we saw some Aborignals show off there stuff.  They had a cool dance (like what you are seeing) and made a few wise cracks as well.  Learned and was taught a few things about there own culture..

He missed

Here's a picture of an Aborginal throwing a spear.  A few of them actually hit the target on the other side.  Then to the right of this was where we could how to throw a boomerang.

Don't hit a bird (funny story)

There is mom trying her luck at throwing a boomerang. I thought she did already for a mother of two.