Day 7

Walked around for a place to eat breakfast.  The whole was at our leisure, so we inquired about bungie jumping for my brother.  Ended up going bungie jumping with a group of people from around our area.  Lunch, walked around, shopped, dinner then bed.

If only they had water balloons. We have a family history of throwing water balloons off of high objects

Looking up to the tower where my bro jumped off of.  Bungie Jumping looked like fun, but I didn't want to pay for it, YAH!  They also had a water slide up there that you could go off of.

"Don't look down, mate"

Ok, right about now is when a million thoughts are running through your mind. From that ugly first girlfriend to I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS! =)


I think he jumped, yep.

Look mom, I can fly... well sort of

Looks like a bird trying to fly.

What goes down, must go up!


Get him some Asprin

Right now they are lowering him so the ground crew can pick him up and put him in the boat.

The End

He looks like he had fun! Minus that head rush of being like that for a while.

Watch out for the tree, you fools!

They also offered a swing that up to 3 people could do.  In my mind that would be a lot easier than bungie jumping, but who knows.

Nice place or what?

The bungie place had a neat setup to it.  A small pond in the center then a food place towards the left-hand side.  We also got a VHS tape of Blake jumping too!

Groovy picture

A view from the upper part.


There was a lot of nice stuff down under.

When nature calls

A really cool lizard!  I am not sure what kind tho, but the lady that works there says he comes up and chils in the sun every now and then.

Yah, shes topless.

Another beach, this time in Cairns.  Enjoying the scenery, and got some lunch on the beach to.  Yah that is me in there, I always keep getting blacked out for some reason.

...and don't forget to wave

All 3 of us on the beach, having a great time away from home!


Outside the Oasis on our balcony checkin' out the view as I love doing so much.

Beach in a pool

It was a first to see a sandy beach lead into a pool.  I guess there cool over in Australia or something.  It sucks when some places charge you for Ketcup tho.


We had to check out the sandy beach pool thingy. And get a pic to!