Day 5

Had breakfast, then Phil K, our tour guide took us for a wonderful 4 hour tour of the Sydney.  Sat down and got a burger at an Irish pub.  Off from there to BridgeClimb.  That was a awesome experience!  Got done late at night, relaxed and went to bed.

Not quite Disney World

Viewable from the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a little neat amusement park.  Lately the noise levels from the rollar coaster have caused the employee's that work behind the park to complain so the final decision was to take down the whole park.


Picture taken from the Sydney Opera House.  Overlooking a part of Sydney.

Ahoy Maty!

For some entertainment, you can enjoy a meal and a cruise around the Harbour on a pirate ship.  This wouldn't take you around as fast as those jet boats that give tours, but depends on what you are in the mood for.

"This would be a great picture, Doug"

Mother standing in front of the Opera House.  With the neat archeticure of the roof standing right behind her.

Tha Bridge

Hard to see all of us, but we are standing on the rail of the Sydney Opera House facing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Not much changed huh?

Not that much has changed huh?

Can't get away from that Opera House

Our tour guide took us across the Bridge, and now we ended up looking across the harbour at the Opera House.

Neat or what?

Now just looking up at the Bridge from where we are.  As you may of guessed, Sydney is well known for there bridge, and to think it was built around the 1930's.

I wonder whose taking this picture...

Now our tour guide took as back across the bridge. Went through the city, saw a lot of interesting places. We saw the house where Tom Cruse & Nicole K. lived.

Sweet fountain

As we going by this fountain, I snapped a pic of it due to its unique shape.  Oh yah, this is about the part where we ran into the prostitutes.

Nice rocks

We are now really far from the Bridge, going around a more scenic part of the city. Climbing some neat rocks, with a nice view of the ocean from where we are.

No its not Alcatrez

Higher above the rocks, comes a beautiful view of stretch of land ending with a cliff.

Another shot

Pretty much the same as above.

No ones Surfing yet.

Overlooking a point with some amazing waves. Today it was very windy in Aussie, and I remember our tour guide saying that these waves were incredible.

Water & Rocks

Looking at the mouth of the Bondi Beach. There is part of the city on the other side.  If you look left from where we are standing right now, you'll see the beach.


Mom standing while we are all admirng the waves.

Popular Nude Beach

One of the nicest beaches around.

Still that great beach

A very nice beach come to come on a hot day.  Bondi beach seemed like a nice place, stores and shopping all around it. Get some sun out and less wind and it would be "the place"

Our Tour Guide

Our guide responsible for showing us EVERYTHING in Sydney while all of us were having a great time chilling and hearing some great stories from him. Hey, he has built over 300 computers...he's making me look pathetic!

Private School

If you look closely, you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge far in the distance.  While there is a private school infront of us.