Day 4

After landing in Sydney, Australia around 6:00am Aussie time, we were greeted and taken to our hotel to check in.  The 13.5 hour flight from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) caused us to chill and relaxing before unpacking.  Slept for a bit, then just toured the area on our feet.  It was nice to have a day to relax before anything was scheduled.

The hotel room for me and my bro.

After that 13.5 hour flight, AIN'T nothing better than checking into a nice hotel room. Sheriton Four Points was a extremely nice hotel. Located right on the Darlng Harbour, a convient place almost anything in the city.

Naval Boat & Sub

Looking out the fitness room and seeing a military ship in the harbour was cool. They have a sub and a vessel open for tour.

Forgot to smile

All 3 of us standing next to some food places along the Darling Harbour.

"You Got Mail"

Whats better than to check my mail after a few days of being away, huh? :)  $2 Australian or $1 American for 15 minutes of online time.