Day 11

Woke up an had a McD's breakfast then packed for the rest of the morning.  Took a flight out of awesome Cairns.  Arrived around 4pm in Sydney then shopped to kill some time.

Outside our room

Us outside our own Oasis hotel room.

What human can live without some TV?? Thats what I thought :) ...and here I am doing so.

Gotta get some TV in there somewhere

Day 12

Our last day of our vacation was to fly from Sydney to LAX.  The flight left about Sunday, 10:00am Sydney time and arrived Sunday, 6:35am LAX time.  Again, nice LONG but wasn't that bad cause the food was good and movies were alright.  Then flew out of LAX and arrived in MSP around 3pm.  It was good to be back home!  Yet we all miss Aus!

A nice view of Sydney

An aerial view of Sydney.

View of the ocean

Past Sydney, now overlooking the edge of Australia.