Day 10

This day was unique in a sense that we all didn't do the same events.  If you remember correctly, my mom fell off our grandparent's roof and broke her shoulder.  So we postponed the trip roughly a month to accommodate for her mishap.  Fortunately, she did all of the same events as did we, just missed out when we had an awesome time river rafting.

Our day (The 3 of us)

Got on the bus that picked us up at our hotel.  Picked up other folks then headed to Tully.  Located about 2 hours away from Cairns.  Had ourselfs a quick bite to eat, then put on our wetsuits while preparing to have a great time on the river.  Once we found out who all was in our boat, we just laughed cause all of us were hilarious. had to be there.  Our boat ranged in variety from a tour guide that couldn't speak any English to the loudest guy I have ever met.  The ride (at times a sweet nightmare) itself lasted for about 5 hours, plus we stopped for lunch around noon.  Also, we didn't take any pictures on the river, but we bought one of everyone on the boat.

Mom's Day

She went for a very early in the morning hot air balloon ride.  Eventhough she would have loved rafting with us, she totally enjoyed her day.  When the balloon landed, her next thing was to check out a zoo where she saw Australia's wildlife up close.  Then we met back at the hotel late, and went for some dinner.  Bed.

Before Liftoff

Here is a picture of my mom waving from her balloon ride REALLY early in the morning.  I am talking before the sun gets up, and that is ususally around 6am.

Neat Flame

This ia a picture of the guide heating up the balloons.


A beautiful sunrise.

Looks awesome

A picture of the sky, clouds, mountains and a balloon in the far distance.

The company

A close-up of a balloon.

Austrailian wild-life, can you guess what those are?

I want one

Feeding of a baby Kangaroo at the Zoo.

I want that too

Here is a lady holding a Koala Bear.  These things look pretty cuddly.


Here is one of those Koala Bears in action!  I seriously wonder if they ever fall off those branches and stuff, ya know?

This here crocodile could probably fit a few kids in his stomach.

Another Kangaroo looking around, checkin the place out.  It would be nice not to have to work, and go to college...just have everyone take pics of you everyday while you eat, sleep & sh*t.

Feeding Time

A part of life, nurturing the young ones.

One of those Wallabies..!