Days 1, 2, 3 & 6

Day 1

Started out as a usual departure for us.  Checked-in. Upgraded to first class.  Dang, very nice!  Arrived at LAX a day ahead of schedule before leaving for Australia.  Shopped, dinner at the wonderful American Denny's.  Enjoyed a movie in our room, then went to bed.

Day 2

Continental breakfast at our hotel.  Caught a movie in our room, then headed over to McD's for lunch.  Chilled around the pool, then had a Italian dinner delivered while packing anxiously for Aussie.  Checked-in and checked our bags at the ticket counter, 10:15pm, our 13.5 hour flight to Australia was underway.  In-flight dinner around 12am, 4 movies then an early breakfast at 5am.

Day 3

This friday didn't exist for us.  Flying to a place a half-day faster than LAX, plus a 13.5 hour flight on top of that.

Day 6

Slept-in then checked out of the Sheriton Four Points.  Shopped at a few places, Darling's harbours mall, then went downtown shopping.  After that, departed for Cairns at around 8pm.  Arrived at Cairns around 10:30pm, got greeted at the airport then checked in at the Oasis hotel.  Ended the night with some snacks and drinks.

People Eating

Inside one of the major shopping malls in Sydney, there stands a neat food court that overlooks the Darling Harbour.  We came back a few times cause if the food is good, chances are you will come back!

Our favorite hotel of the two

This would be our second hotel room.  Room 401 to be exact of Oasis hotel.  Located only a few blocks from the ocean, convient for all the heavy shopping surronding the hotel on every side.  Room has a neat theme as well.

...and the other side

Not to much to say about this.  That frig you see held my liter of Pepsi Max for a few hours :-)

Other countries beverages

Ahh! Nothing like trying something new huh? Well I shouldn't say that, Chris F. brought that back from China, so it was my second chance at enjoy yet another good Pepsi product.